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Watch the things that happen "At 11:11" in Mery Racauchi's world [Video]

Rising pop sensation Mery Racauchi, has released her highly anticipated "At 11:11" music video. Having grossed thousands of views on Youtube in minutes of its release, this video is her biggest and best to date. Directed by Ezequiel Briffs, this video is the perfect balance of emotion, cinematography, lust and love. As magical things occur when the clock hits 11:11 the Argentine singer does an amazing job infusing her east coast influence, into a modern-day love story turned sour. 

Some lyrics that stand out the most on this release are "I should have known you were bad news from the day you broke your promises/ I can't stop falling for it." These words flow over the electric poppy beat, like fireworks on the Fourth of July. As the New York Time Square scenery creates a magical vibe, this pop star's, on-camera charisma is most impressive. Her firey pink braids pop like a unicorn running through a rainbow. Listeners will also hear her harmonizing about broken promises and not getting what she deserves. As a fashion designer and recording artist, everything Racauchi touches turns to gold, regardless of the time of day.

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