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The Bergamot write an anthem for the unsuspecting "Mayflies"

When it comes to mixing art with politics (or any culturally relevant topics), you often run the risk of creating a larger divide than there ever was originally. Sides are taken, opinions are haphazardly thrown at will, and the artist may find themselves pigeonholed in their own creation. Brooklyn husband and wife-fronted band The Bergamot, however, are not your average artists. Passionate about humanity and about each other, they've mastered the perfect blend of political awareness and enamoured charm in their latest single, "Mayflies"- premiering here today. 

Telling an intricate love story through the lenses of an entomological crisis, Nathaniel Paul and Jillian Speece approach the tentative conversation on climate change with open, benevolent arms. After reading on the threatening extinction of global insect species (including mayflies), the band felt compelled to speak where there was deafening silence. "Not a word is spoken. Industries lumber on, cars speed away, and water pollution skyrockets - mayflies die," they explain. "This vital part of the world's natural ecosystem collapses, today, right now. As the world debates climate change, industrialization, and pollution, the world is collapsing on itself right in front of us, silently. This highly vulnerable insect needs an anthem. We need an anthem, an awakening." 

Light-hearted yet penetrating, The Bergamot's anthem is a skilled rendition of whimsical melodies and emotive lyrics. Lucid piano keys and foot-tapping drums herald in Speece's ethereal vocals, gently belting out "I want to love you for the lives of a million mayflies" in a stand-alone chorus. The rest of the track slowly builds up in an eclectic blend of psychedelic chords and harmonized guitar riffs, gaining speed without ever losing its grace. It's a beautifully composed message, emanating all the poise, passion, and heart that this little band holds. 

Along with their forthcoming new album (scheduled for release in September), The Bergamot are also currently co-producing a full-length documentary called "State of the Unity" filmed over their entire 50,000 mile, 50 state journey in 2016. Catch them on tour by purchasing tickets here

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  • :)

    Avatar Nate July 24, 2019 9:56 AM Reply
  • LOVE THIS SONG!! Amazing proposal on the awareness of our surroundings. True love is in the air

    Avatar Anonymous July 24, 2019 1:30 PM Reply

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