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Los Cabra releases 'Deseado' EP via Gruuv

Los Cabra revitalizes us with their newest EP offering Deseado, released via Gruuv. Spanish for "wanted," Deseado is comprised of a funky three-track bundle that also includes a Bebetta remix, for one effortless soundtrack of reposed groove.

Title track "Deseado" opens with a sharp focus on organic rhythms, melded into funky, free-flowing drum patterns, vocal chants, and rattling drums. Unrelenting in its worldly and tribal cadences, Los Cabra envelops us into a vivacious house reverie, echoed by the following "Guayquiraro". Injecting chords that build and fade, the track moves along with oscillating synths that make for a smooth foray into the jungle. On the other hand, we see the duo slow things down in "Pilocomayo", focusing on acid-dipped melodies that seemingly float atop a medley of warm atmospherics and loops. Wrapping up Deseado is Bebetta's remix of the title track, infused with a taste of her own minimalistic flavour with stripped-back percussions bringing attention to spacey lead riffs and dusty effects.

Berlin-based Argentinian pair Christ Burstein and Manuel Sahagun have established themselves as part of the collaborative project Los Cabra in recent years. Heading up Rural Records (alongside Sascha Cawa), the duo have released material through labels including Get Physical, Bar 25, ZEHN Records, and Culprit.


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