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Holy Wars fiery new video proves that Kat Leon is a true ‘Legend’

At some point or another, everyone experiences there own personal Holy War, and the Los Angeles based front-woman for Holy Wars Kat Leon, knows that all too well. Her unexpected loss of both parents in 2015, ignited such a fire within, Holy Wars would erupt. 

Now the band has just released the intense sci-fi visuals for their latest single entitled “Legend”. Featuring electronic siren-like soundscapes and raspy soulful vocals, the fierce track packs a penetrating punch. Captured by masked creatures all in black, she’s unafraid to fight back against those that have control. Thematically the song is a representation of the wide spectrum of emotions we as humans feel in the persistent push towards greatness.

Leon admits, “I wrote this song specifically about the music industry. It serves as a POV of every artist reaching for success and all that comes with it… money, admiration, proof of existence and so on. In an industry where nepotism rules all and advantages are sometimes given to the undeserving, I wanted to show a side of reality on what chasing greatness can do to an average “good” person.”

Constructing a unique world of sound and visual surrealism with co-creator and guitarist, Nicolas Perez (The Beta Machine, Kitten), Holy Wars is more than just a band, they are forward thinkers on a mission of self-discovery. Music written from grief, it transports you into the beautifully dark and romantic mind of Leon.

Holy Wars is known for a sound fusing heavy bass, atmospheric guitars and industrialized rhythms. Their bold attitude of grungy punk breaks barriers and intoxicates listeners. Leon and Perez’s music has been featured on FOX, FOX Sports, ESPN, Amazon Prime, TLC and more.

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