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LIE NING explores unconditional love on "Tonight"

Influenced by an array of arts including dance, fashion, and fine art, 22-year-old Berlin-based artist Lie Ning shares the engaging visuals for his latest release "Tonight".

Featuring soft guitars and soothing organic synths, "Tonight" is Lie Ning's exploration into modern synth-pop. His subdued vocals are effortlessly graceful. Combined with the subtle, sleek drum beats, "Tonight" is an elegant release from a majestic vocalist.

"We're all looking for a home, a story, an anchor in the midst of breathtakingly fast imagery, opinions and ratings," explains Lie Ning. "Dreams and reality, wishes and coercion, desire and insight lay the foundation for human passion. We constantly shift between them but how can we stay true to ourselves in the meantime?"

Developing a sensual atmosphere, the emotions throughout the track hint at the security of unconditional love. Lie Ning further explains: ""Tonight" is to the people that allow us to be fully ourselves. Our chosen family that looks beyond superficial categories and sees us in our beautiful complexity."

"Tonight" is released via Styleheads Music / Groove Attack.

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