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Ilija Rudman releases fourth studio album 'Sagittarii' via Bearfunk

Longtime underground innovator Ilija Rudman returns with Sagittarii, his fourth studio album and second on Bearfunk. Released a year after his last offering, Sagittarii exhibits another subtle evolution in his sonic signatures, with a continuance in retaining the authentic analogue textures that've made him stand out.

Much of Sagittarii remains contemplative yet free, with flashes of throwback funk and disco gold melded into constructs of groove and slick sophistication. Painting a narrative fit for dancing under the sun, Rudman is masterful at building a new soundscape of otherworldly infatuations and the inquisitive, lo-fi-tinged and disco-funk themes of Sagittarii shine through in each and every track. The glistening future-retro chords of "Dreamscape Planet" open the album with an air of whimsicality, quick and upbeat in its strings and nimble basslines—setting the stage for emotive pulls and robust individuality. Even in the more playful cut of "Synthia 2000", Rudman showcases his innate abilities in fusing groove together with ambient, bending space and time with both intimate and public realms of audial experiences. Truly, this is an album that brims with cosmic disco energy, emotion and excellence from start to finish.

As boss of both Red Music and Imogen Recordings, in addition to being a skilled DJ and diverse producer, Rudman has been an integral part of dance music for years. The Croatian effortlessly veers from electro to disco to house with his own colourful sense of melody and club-ready grooves and has done so on more than 70 releases on labels like Classic, Rong, Electric Minds and Is It Balearic Recordings.


Connect with Ilija Rudman: SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram


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