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Hotel Garuda unveils "Head In The Trees" remix package

Photo credit: Jordan Douglas

Over a year ago, Aseem Mangaokar stepped forward as the solo act Hotel Garuda, and in April he debuted the indie-electronic number "Head In The Trees". With it he explored a vastly different sound, one in which he was challenged to write, produce and sing himself—crafting a song entirely his. Hotel Garuda has now returned with an official remix package, calling upon a handful of talented producers to deliver their own unique take on the incredibly personal song. 

Hotel Garuda stepped out of his comfort zone with "Head In The Trees", and the remix package further expands on its sound, granting listeners varying unique experiences that only deepen the understanding of Mangaokar's story. Opening with Justin Jay's remix, we see the track transformed into a deeper version of house, buoyantly trespassing on techno yet holding tight to spacey synths. Hypnotic in its modulated percussions, Jay expertly utilizes otherworldly risers to drop the track into a bass-laden enclave brimming with enigma.

On the other hand, Julius Jetson transforms  "Head In The Trees" into a groovy yet intoxicating house track, molding a crystal clear mood and neon-tinged build-ups. It's unabashed in its deep house chorus, proving Jetson's inherent skills in crafting truly memorable instances of musicality. Next, metsä follows with a more measured pace, slowing down into a chilled, late-night mix of euphoric relaxation. While the original was already soothing, metsä's version only furthers the raw and emotive disposition, highlighting Hotel Garuda's deep connections to the track. Rounding off the remix package is Marcioz's world twist, contributing a unique remix that's riddled with Spanish guitars and metallic percussion—taking the remix package further outside of the box.

Buy/stream Head In The Trees Remixes here.

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