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girl in red gets real on "i'll die anyway" [Video]

The 20-year-old singer from Norway girl in red has been releasing many personal songs written over the past two years. On Wednesday she returned to drop another single entitled, "i'll die anyway." Her emotions are as brutally honest and frank as can be, and they are on full display here.

Marie Ulven, formally known as girl in red, explains in more detail, “I think this is the most honest song I’ve written on how I perceive my life. Understanding life and what it means to be human is difficult. I’ve always questioned my existence, meaning, time and the universe. All I know is that I don’t know, and the only thing that’s guaranteed is I’ll die anyway.” The genuine songwriter has proven herself all the way from her bedroom studio, as she grapples to answer some gut-wrenching questions.

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good morning guys✨ i’ll die anyway is out everywhere. song is written, recorded and produced by me✍? thank u

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On the second verse she sings, "I guess i could say / I've learned to live this way / But it's still hard to find / Reasons to stay alive." This introspection is on display as the lyrics are used as captions to the insightful music video. The songwriter sits on her laptop while going through brighter memories of her childhood. She watches cute home videos and at one point buries her face into her hands.

This year, girl in red journeyed onto her first North American tour alongside Conan Grey. "i'll die anyway" is the second to final song before she releases her EP chapter 2 later this year. The project will combine with 2018's chapter 1 to create her debut album BEGINNINGS, out September 6. girl in red will be embarking on the road once again this August, joined by Isaac Dunbar for select US and UK tour dates.


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