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Maxhole is looking for "Something Real"

Maxhole, one half of Max and Eyeda, is a Toronto based musician who engages in all sorts of creative endeavors from photography to poetry. On his new single "Something Real", he shares a story about seeking closure after the end of a relationship. The track has a very mellow and solemn texture which accentuates the reflective subject matter presented by Maxhole. While the outcome may not be pleasant, Max emphasizes that ending the relationship on a peaceful note will be the more mature thing to do. 

Max adds that "After I wrote this I remember craving real connections and wanting to surround myself with honest people." "Something Real" is taken from the Maxhole's 3 track neo-soul EP titled 'love titan'. The project dwells on love from a more matured perspective and all the ups and downs that come along with it.

Get it on Bandcamp.

Connect with  Maxhole : Soundcloud | Bandcamp  | Instagram

Alternative R&B


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