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Tory Falls' "Parsec [3089]" shows his quirky side

Budding Atlanta-based rapper Tory Falls shares the animated visual for his song "Parsec [3089]". The track showcases the rapper's sci-fi infused lyrics, wit, and vivid imagery. He does this over a  snappy, fun-filled beat courtesy of Saito and also tells a story of a date with a lady from another planet - literally speaking.

Running at a minute long in length "Parsec [3089]" gets a boost with an animated visual directed by Falls himself. Using stop motion effects and cut-out images, we see how Falls came in contact with a mysterious alien chick who came to Earth from an unknown galaxy. The duo starts off with a joint and then proceed to chill in a casino and eventually ended up in a strip club where they really ball out of control.

Tory Falls' is currently working on his first project titled 'ROUÉ'. Check out his other material here.

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