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SOFI TUKKER are preparing to "Swing" into a daring new EP

The dynamic duo SOFI TUKKER has had a whirlwind of a year. For the past three years. Between their single releases, debut album, GRAMMY nominations, and countless late-night performances, they've managed to completely entrance us, without ever seeming to give us- or themselves- a reprieve. To be honest, we're not complaining. Especially now that they've announced the forthcoming release of their newest EP, R.I.P. Shame Pt. 1, and graced us with yet another treasure with their latest single, "Swing". 

Opening up with dramatic strings, we are introduced to a different side to Sofi Tukker than we are used to. This side is a little more raucous, more daring, yet still infectiously appealing. The bass kick is hit fast and hard, burrowing under the skin. The track is left feeling urgent until it breaks with the return of the strings, and Sophie's supple coos. The lyrics are once again taken from their collaboration with Brazilian poet Chacal, emphatically repeating words that are really just about words. "Like a lot of the things we do with Chacal, part of the meaning of it is just how nonsensical it is," the duo recently shared with NYLON Magazine. "It's really about how delicious and delightful and also meaningless words ultimately are."

Showing off their artistic ability in the face of nonsensical meanings and haphazard compositions, SOFI TUKKER have proven to be relentless in their pursuit of the different, the sometimes strange, and the infinitely bold. Their newest EP is scheduled for release on September 20th, and we can't wait to see where they swing to next. 

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