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Arthur Moon conduct "Reverse Conversion Therapy" in new desert visuals [Video]

In the crowded landscape of modern pop, there are those that wish to define it, those that strive to perfect it, and then there are those that work toward slowly dissecting it, changing everything we know about it in the process. Brooklyn-based group Arthur Moon would be the latter. Fronted by Lora-Faye Åshuvud, along with collaborators Cale Hawkins and Martin D. Fowler, this is a collective that manages to stimulate every dormant sense, burrowing deep under the skin. Their latest effort comes in the form of the ambient "Reverse Conversion Therapy", accompanied by stirringly articulate visuals, directed by Zach Stone and Gerard Marcus. 

Shot in the Mojave desert, the hauntingly quiet but commanding spaces are accentuated by slowly pulsating percussions. The almost numbing beat is brought to life by a dusting of tranquilizing synths and sinfully smooth saxophone notes. Åshuvud's intrepid vocals then effortlessly shepherd us into a snapping tempo switch in the chorus, taking the lyric "reverse | lift me up" almost literally. It's a jarring composition, alighting all your senses at once as you begin to pluck away at all the little details.

Of the track, Åshuvud shares that "I wanted the verses of this song to evoke the feeling of being at the very top of the big free-fall on a rollercoaster, where you know your stomach is going to fall out from underneath you, but it hasn't happened yet. And then for the choruses to surprise you anyway: As though you went to the amusement park, and waited in line, and strapped in to this rollercoaster, and felt yourself rise slowly up and up, but now once the ride really starts, the rhythm of the drops and spins surprises you--you can never quite anticipate when you'll next be upside-down, twisted, looking down at the pavement and the people below as if for the first time.”

"Reverse Conversion Therapy" will be featured on their forthcoming debut self-titled album, set for release on August 2, with an exclusive vinyl release through Vinyl Me, Please. You can catch them on tour with Oh Land this summer by purchasing tickets here

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