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Neo-soul songstress Gracie Convert debuts "I'm Fine" with timeless grace

In science, the human body is comprised of six elements: oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus; only about 0.85% is composed of another five elements. All eleven are necessary for life. However, while these elements fuel our movements, particularly our functions to eat, sleep and breathe, it is the soul that dwells within is that truly sets us apart in the animal kingdom. The intangible and incomprehensible soul is what propels us to feel and consequently, take action.

Gracie Convert's debut single "I'm Fine" flawlessly embodies her soul into an intricate audial tapestry, achieving a fervent blend of vulnerability and vigour that helps to better explain the mysteries of our own souls.  

"When I first started writing I used to get so stressed our around 'the process' and spend hours going over the lyrics and the melody," Convert shares. "I free-styled a lot in my mid-teens and then around the age of 17, realized that what was flowing from me was pretty good compared to when I overthought things, and from that moment decided to just go with it when writing, especially in sessions."

Collaborating with James Berkeley from Yakul, "I'm Fine" is an instant neo-soul classic, a contemporary soundscape of atmospheric electronica punctuated by deep bass lines and moments of sparkling guitar. Convert's vocals string us along in all its honey-sweet sensuality, potently diffusing and infusing her emotions through each word. It's a frighteningly honest piece, the first in a series of seven songs that will be released in the coming year—signaling the end of a year of self-exploration and writing. It's a track that delights in the creative freedom of being a solo singer and in creating and collaborating how she wishes, shown through its immeasurable emotive chords—cementing her position as a force to be reckoned with.

Gracie Convert is a singer, songwriter and producer based in London. Her sound is an eclectic mixture of R&B, soul and pop, with undeniable jazz undertones. She describes music as being the only constant in her life, after moving around a lot as a child—growing up in South Africa, France, Monaco and England. Convert has been part of the London and Leeds neo-soul live scene for a few years now, playing alongside the likes of Jamie Isaac, Boadi and Yakul.

Stream "I'm Fine" here.

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