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Deborah de Luca is "Waiting For You" in the pits of techno madness

Deborah de Luca, Queen of Naples, has returned with a new seven-minute techno heartbreaker aptly named "Waiting For You". Her first single since the critically acclaimed release of her debut album Ten in 2018, the Italian DJ, producer and Sola_mente Records label head turns heads once again. Her unique ability to transfix crowds with her electrically charged, technically nuanced sets, fusing hard techno with minimal grooves and melodic soundscapes to absorbing effect, has fast become one of her signature trademarks and is evident for all to see in this latest release.

Raw and stripped back to warehouse techno sensibilities, "Waiting For You" soars in its euphoric vocal breakdown and thumping kick drums. Whilst we often find techno in its most gritty, bass-thumping form, de Luca instead, opts to use sultry and melodious female vocals for its hook, adding a unique flavour to the genre for a profound titillation of sound. 

Born under the shade of the infamous Vele di Scampia–one of the toughest districts in Naples, the now-globally recognized DJ, producer and label head came from humble beginnings, forging her path to international success against unlikely odds. de Luca's hard work and relentless determination eventually began to pay off and in 2013, launched her very own imprint Sola_mente Records, whilst delivering high-energy performances at huge international festivals and intimate nightclubs all over the world. Currently, the Italian artist is in the midst of a hectic summer of international touring; de Luca's next release will see her make her debut on Christian Smith's Tronic imprint, with her three-track EP A Vision Of Ecstasy this August.

Buy "Waiting For You" here.


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