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Wilder Woods croons to his "Electric Woman" on new golden visuals

When NPR first revealed Wilder Woods' identity to be NEEDTOBREATHE's Bear Rinehart earlier this year, there were a lot of ensuing questions. Amidst all the "why"s and the "who"s, the answer remained the same: Wilder Woods is a project inspired by, and dedicated to the most important individuals in Rinehart's life- his family. Named after his two sons (Wilder and Woods), it's a bold project committed to building a brand new sound from the ground up, foregoing the comfort and security he’d built across a storied career in music thus far. Because if he won't teach his sons about the value of being daring and taking risks in life, who would? 

Rinehart's music inspiration doesn't just stop at his sons. Drawing from the ever-present muse, his wife Mary, his latest track "Electric Woman" is a softly swaying pop number, whose golden-lit visuals are premiering here today. 

Romantically coloured with pink-tinged skies and brooding clouds, the premise for "Electric Woman's" video is quite simple. Featuring Rinehart and his wife, it's comprised of sinuous scenes of the two dancing on top of a hill, in front of a stunningly lit sky - first apart, then together, as the song's swelling production comes to a climax. In its simplicity, the passion between the two comes to life, thriving in the lingering glances and shrinking spaces. It's the same passion Rinehart emulates in the song's lyrics, emboldened by a surf-pop guitar melody and pulsating percussion that makes "Electric Woman" feel so easy, all the while maintaining a meaningful disposition. When describing the inspiration behind this track, Rinehart shares, "they say you’ll know it when you feel it...I knew my wife was the one after only one date. I went around for weeks telling people that she made me feel “electric”. She’s been my muse ever since and I’m thankful to have her in the video for the song that’s about her." 

Rinehart's debut album as Wilder Woods is scheduled for release on August 9, with North American tour date available for purchase here

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