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Hēran Soun sets boundaries for protection in "Barricade"

Indie artist Hēran Soun releases his highly emotive single entitled "Barricade". The stunning track showcases soothing keyboard, gentle poignant strings, and lush vocal tones that sing to your soul.

"Barricade" narrates the concept of needing to protect someone you love by forming a wall between you. "I could see my bad habits, addictions, self-destructive tendencies rubbing off on you, I needed you to protect yourself, a barrier to keep that innocence. To be the positive which attracted my negative. To be the relief from this world, rather than being a mirror back at me, " Soun reveals.

Singing, "listen my girl you're going to be my innocence," he's determined not to taint her with his shortcomings by keeping her unscathed from his destructive qualities.

Soun had to overcome hardships throughout his life. He was born living in and out of silence with only 15% hearing, which eventually dipped to 0%. His childhood was spent with a series of hospital visits and therapy, which developed into a mind filled with rich soundscapes.

After many surgeries he finally retrieved his hearing at age nine. It was after that music became his life, and he was obsessed with discovering new sounds and instruments. His fresh and truly unique take on music captivates listeners, drawing them into his dynamic world. Known for his scratchy vibrato and experimental sound, his greatest challenge in life lead to crafting stunningly mesmerizing music. Take a listen to "Barricade" off his upcoming EP Cambridge.

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