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Dave Aju floats through a dance odyssey of 'Love in Zero Gravity'

Submerge yourself in the depths of summer with Dave Aju's newest offering Love in Zero Gravity, released via Circus Company. A dance music odyssey that ebbs and flows with the timeless waves of deep house sensibilities, the West Coast mainstay continues forth with his varied style and pace in the three-tracker compilation—one that gives us the agency to bask in ample warmth and float away.

Potent in its languid shakers and otherworldly vocals, title track "Love in Zero Gravity" opens the EP with a raw and undefinable groove signature of Aju's style, laden with soul and playfully lush textures that encapsulate a special after-hours feel. Whirling in a pleasant sea of bass-heavy intensity and bright epic bursts, Aju imbues the track with a sophisticated touch, unafraid of modulation but instead, using subtle synths to really drive home a lush and groovy soundscape.

Following, "Aubergine Dream" submerges us into a deeper mode, where gritty basement funk collides with the darkest shades of purple imaginable, all laced-up with otherworldly lysergic lines—entrapping us in a psychedelic funk. Finally, Aju rounds off Love in Zero Gravity with "Gatadu", a buoyant and robust house cut constructed with live percussion, rich textures, and his very own velvety vox—the perfect track for a summer night of dancing.

Bay-area born Dave Aju is a master sampler, groove innovator and jazz-influenced artist who has been with Circus Company for ten years. In that time, he has turned out plenty of timeless LPs and EPs that have earned him a deserving reputation as a truly cultured craftsman. A diverse range of influences can be heard in the DJ/producer's unique sound—from an immersive jazz upbringing via his father, a peer of Pharaoh Sanders early on, his dedicated underground hip-hop MC years, dance floor origins at South Bay Latin house clubs, techno leanings of the San Francisco rave scene in the 90s, to even contemporary R&B/neo-soul and the outer realms of experimental post-rock and musique concrète, his creations are always imbued with a warm, handmade sonic twist and solid sense of rhythm owed to his roots as a dancer.

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