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No Suits make sure you never forget about "Sue"

When it comes to choosing a style, the aptly-titled band No Suits refuse to conform to a single uniform across their body of work. Some songs are flip flops and Hawaiian shirts, some are sleeveless tees and basketball shorts. But with a groovy melody, you'll never see them coming into a song wearing a suit and tie. 

“Sue” is the group’s latest outfit that unapologetically screams summer.

The song begins with a bit of banter between friends before the crisp drums and a clean guitar build into some high-flying notes. Basically, this song is your sock-less friend with their feet up on your coffee table while plucking away at the guitar while working through a hangover. Just when you settle into the soft notes of “Sue”, she kicks you in the stomach like an Egg McMuffin and brings the party back to life.

The grooves on this thing are deeper than a first-year philosophy student and it gives listeners a reason to bob their head, tap their feet, and even punch the air like it was 2009 and their favourite Flo Rida song just came on.

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