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E&D bursts onto the scene with scintillating tracks "Not Enough" & "Runaway"

There is an undeniable timelessness in house music, a genre flowing with oscillating ostinatos, of flourishing chords and fathomless expressions. Nevertheless, 'timelessness' evolves and new electronic project E&D steps into the scene with two stunning releases, staking a claim with his unique soundscape that will surely make an impact on club culture. Releasing via Fat Cat Records, "Not Enough" and "Runaway" provides a new and refreshing perspective, backed by remixes from acclaimed producers Mall Grab and Ali Berger

The London and New York-based producer proves his talents with the two scintillating and stunning vocal cuts; imbued with clubbing culture at their very core, both yield titillating Garage influences that help narrate its themes of heartbreak and loss. Deep and atmospheric, "Not Enough" lends itself to a beautiful and sultry harmony, sustained with its powerful female vocal whose tone and expression perfectly emphasizes the message of lost love. With a careful and masterfully-balanced juxtaposition of shimmering and stabbing beats, E&D brings to light a track that already has the hallmarks of a classic.

Incessantly fueled with deep bass, "Runaway" on the other hand, is an uptempo, vintage-laced UK Garage themed number, cut with poignant undertones and flawless percussion. Female croons line the track with an unwavering tone, mourning a relationship which has already moved on—illuminating E&D's blooming sonic signatures. 

With the two tracks, both Mall Grab and Ali Berger lend their own unique touch and perspective to the originals. With his remix of "Not Enough", Mall Grab dives deeper into the atmospheric textures, stripping back and lowering the vocals for a mind-blowing intensity, creating tribal sensibilities amidst vintage acid house beats. On the other hand, Berger also takes his working of "Runaway" deep into the underground, emphasizing the bass and cleverly layering the vocal and building it for a peak-time floor-filler.

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