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Sia Babez says "Hit My Line" with her debut single [Video]

Does music really need to be labeled anymore? It seems like hip-hop is a borderless genre that can travel anywhere from old country roads to gully streets seamlessly. The genre has grown so much that artists seem to always be finding new ways to describe their sound (what is unicorn bedroom cloud trap anyway?).

Sia Babez is the latest artist to throw her name into the borderless ring."Hit My Line" is the debut single from the Irish singer/songwriter that draws on her upbringing—as well as influence from her Zimbabwean parents—to bring us a sound that's unique to her story.

"Hit My Line" brings us a summer treat that's tastier than the full English breakfast that makes an appearance at the start of the video. Sia layers her silky voice over the production like any good Brit layers their brown sauce over their breakfast. The Irish songstress flirts with electronic elements—in the production as well as with her voice—and gives the percussion a nice bounce to draw the energy of the track out. The video features dance moves and a cadence that perfectly matches the spirit of the track.

The debut single from Sia Babez suggests we should not only hit her line, but also listen for what she has in store for us next.

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