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Pat Lok ruminates on ephemeral love with 'Corazón' EP

The artist once lauded as "Canada's candy-colored R&Beats favorite” (Billboard) has returned with some of his most soulful work yet. Pat Lok is back at home on legendary Parisian imprint Kitsuné Musique with Corazón, a delicious seven-track offering that unites Pat Lok's soul, funk, and disco influences in sonic harmony. A true narrative piece, Corazón zips through the tale of a turbulent 36-hour romance set to the vibrant backdrop of loungey synths and velveteen vocals. 

Arriving in a haze of easygoing melody and a driving low end, "Don't Think" finds our lovers meeting, and sending caution to the wind. Featured vocalist Tom Aspaul croons, "It's like i'm running on a different kind of gasoline / It's probably not good for me." Is there any drug quite as potent as brand new lust? "Late.Nite" is a track primed for the afters, laden with downtempo luxury and a kicked back beat. Slow down and lay back. Continuing the conversational style, "Know Me" introduces a female vocal in Kate Stewart's cashmere-dripped delivery - "Color me outside the lines." 

Pat Lok taps another talent in the form of Luke Burr's jaunty delivery on "Fearless." EDM heavyweights Party Pupils and Dances With White Girls join the party on "From The Back," stepping out with a confident house beat to match the track's suggestive lyrics. The quick and zippy instrumental "Lite Feet" switches up the energy, while Hannah Yadi joins for the EP's closing track "So Over It." The song utilizes the answering machine trope, with our heroine at the end of her rope with her new lover, but not until they have "one more night" / "sweet goodbye." 

Full Tracklist: 
1. Pat Lok - Don't Think (feat. Tom Aspaul)
2. Pat Lok - Late.Nite
3. Pat Lok - Know Me (feat. Kate Stewart)
4. Pat Lok - Fearless (feat. Luke Burr)
5. Pat Lok, Party Pupils - From The Back (feat. Dances With White Girls)
6. Pat Lok - Lite Feet
7. Pat Lok - So Over It (feat. Hannah Yadi)

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