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Pauline Herr crafts a delicately soul-stirring mood in "Keep Me" [Premiere]

Pauline Herr has my attention. The LA songstress whose name you may recognize as a featured topline on some of your EDM favorites is so much more than an angelic voice coursing the electronic airwaves. She is a multi-faceted artistic force to be reckoned with, forging a path that is purely her own. Today we are treated to her newest original, the poignant and personal "Keep Me," proudly premiering right here with EARMILK.

Immediately from the jump, "Keep Me" is potent, vulnerable, and raw. Pauline's tender, powerful voice feels so close in your ear, somersaulting over top of an ominous low end and somewhat fearful melody. Pleas of "I know you want someone else" and "you're the only one" echo and undulate through the curiously sinister atmosphere she's created. A lo-fi treatment gives the track a confessional style that feels ripped from scribbled pages of a diary. The intimacy is palpable.

Beyond her successful singing / songwriting career, Pauline is also a talented graphic designer (the cover art is her own) and producer. If "Keep Me" strikes a chord, be sure to give Pauline's mix CONTRADICTIONS a listen - you'll find the track nestled between an eclectic mix of textures that inspire and inform Pauline's music. From Slander to Tyler The Creator, the mix may be a walking contradiction, but it's the pieces of the puzzle that make Pauline such an exciting talent to watch. 

Connect with Pauline Herr: Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

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