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Only Matter delivers a thoughtful tribute to San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge in '101'

Only Matter is many things—among them a DJ duo and a creative collective. Yet more than anything, it is a joint partnership of two friends who share a profound love of house music, inspired and enthused by its everlasting dynamism and impact. Once, Alexander Rymarz (Record Producer) and Peter Moglia (DJ) were both classically-trained musicians and now, as Only Matter, they've come together to formulate a new take on the Chicago dance scene.

101 is their debut EP, a two-track compilation that delivers a thoughtful tribute to the nature found on the endpoints of San Francisco's iconic Golden Gate Bridge.

Opening with "Land's End", the duo flawlessly dons the reposed vibrancy of deep house, capturing the invigorating senses of San Francisco's coast. Following the rugged paths that jut out into the vast expanse of blue sea, the track grants an escape for listeners, a comforting modulation of percussive loops and drum patterns offering a refreshing perspective in the genre. Almost whimsical. Only Matter curates a sophisticated groove that reflects the landscape imagined, leading way for "Marin" to delve deeper into the bass. While "Land's End" painted the picture of the coast, "Marin" is instead, a vantage point looking back at the city's lights from afar. Nostalgic in its subtle synths and snaking reverbs, the number shows a daring duality in energy and ambiance, weaving a narrative of happiness and longing into one downtempo masterpiece. 

Buy 101 here.

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Deep House · House


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