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H.E.R. enlists YBN Cordae on latest single "Racks"

Some artists you can't help but feel like they've truly earned all of the accolades they've received. H.E.R. is one of those artists; she's put in her work, done the time, and at just 21, she's seeing everything come together. This hard work culminated with 2 Grammy award wins earlier this year.

"Racks" speaks to the other rewards of success—money. But H.E.R. isn't holding a stack of dollar bills to her ear and flaunting the racks in this case; she's speaking on the superficial nature of the reward. To mirror these thoughts, the song enlists the quick-spitting YBN Cordae.

The soft, inviting notes of the introduction are quickly overwhelmed by deep drums and spacey loops before H.E.R. drops in with her patented silky vocals. The song is completely built around a chorus that stretches itself out like a warm summer's day, only to be shortly interrupted with a couple clouds of verses from the two esteemed emcees.

With most artists, you'd expect a song called "Racks" to contain a little more swagger, but H.E.R. contains her boasts to a tasteful musing, "They don’t know how to get the stacks up / If I drop a hundred bands, I'ma get it right back up / And if I fall it don’t matter, I'ma ball get the bag, yeah." YBN Cordae takes a similar route with his verse—finding nothing but superficial success from the money while still searching for something deeper. The 4 minutes of runtime play like a nice little song and dance between two people dipping their feet in a pool of emotion, without ever taking the dive.

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Connect with YBN Cordae: Twitter | Instagram



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