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James Deacon channels the "Son of Apollo" in new electro-pop hit

For many artists, showing off their versatility and exploration of sounds is an undertaking that tracks over a course of steady full-length releases. For the Johannesburg-native James Deacon, it's simply a way of introducing himself to the world. His first two releases, "Not Givin' Up" and "Calling Home" dabbled in both the fast-paced and slower instrumental compositions, coloured with dramatic beats and guitar accents. His newest single, "Son of Apollo", however, dances to the tune of another sound, delving deeper into the realm of electro-pop. 

Fiery and blunt, "Son of Apollo" is not the sort of track that you grow into. By the first hook, it undresses itself, willing you to either love it or leave it. Punctuated by an electronic bass melody and distorted chords, the song's dark yet familiar feel hooks you in, twirling you around to its mesmerizing beat. It's a feeling that is meant to echo Deacon's memories of a time when he wasn't so pure: "This track means a lot to me lyrically because I struggled with drug addiction and alcohol abuse for a long time and managed to get sober. Writing this song allowed me to go back to that dark part of my history and appreciate how far I've come since then. The imagery I tried to create with the lyrics is one of a drug-induced party filled with fake friends and peer pressure and most importantly- drugs." 

While Deacon may no longer be addicted, we're starting to be. His debut EP, The Calling, is scheduled to release later this summer. 

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Alt-Pop · Dark Pop · Electro Pop


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