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Anna Wiebe returns with softly passionate single "I Felt It In The Wind"

Anna Wiebe is back with the individualistic and emotionally-charged "I Felt It In The Wind". The Guelph, Ontario based singer’s new single is a mesmerizing example of the modern indie-folk genre.

Wiebe’s writing is full of passion, gently delivered. “I Felt It In The Wind” is sentimental, with quiet humming and soft instrumentals that provide a backdrop for her singular voice. As can be heard in previous releases, her music pulls together styles of classic southern folk, Americana, and bluesy rock - the latter which is the foundation for her earlier 2019 single “Fortune”. The tracks on Wiebe's first album New Behaviour, are also each rich with textured vocals and bold instrumentals. A second LP, All I Do Is Move, is expected July 12th. As apparent in "I Felt It In The Wind", I expect this next LP to show off Wiebe’s indisputable instinct for penning commendable and unique folk tunes.

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Photo credit: Carly Hunt 

Alternative · Folk · Indie


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