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Rudimental and The Martinez Brothers reunite for "Sitawagana"

Rudimental have linked up with The Martinez Brothers on a new single entitled “Sitigawana.” The first time the two groups have gotten together on new music since releasing "No Fear" together in 2017, with this latest single taking their collaboration to a new, more lighthearted frontier. 

"Sitigawana" features deeper sentiments in its production, fueled by the world music that so often inspires the four-piece UK outfit and the Bronx's underground house duo in their separate regards. Featuring Faith Mussa on vocals that are sung in the native Chichewa language of Malawi, the track ebbs and flows from danceable guitar riffs to letting the percussion and vocals shine on their own.

"Sitagawana" is taken from Rudimental's five-track EP due for release in July.





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