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Bandits on the Run release live performance of "Potted Plant"

Chance encounters and humble ambitions. Sometimes, that is all it takes to find your tribe and make something great together. Meet NYC-based band Bandits on the Run, the harmonic trio that was formed in the most quintessential New York manner- in a subway station. After meeting through busking efforts, cellist Sydney Torin Shepherd, guitarist Adrian Blake Enscoe and vocalist Regina Strayhorn took on the guise of mischief makers to continue challenging NYC's subways' acoustics with their full-bodied blend of motown, witch-pop, folk-soul, and even punk-rock. A blend expertly poured out in their newest offering, "Potted Plant"- premiering here today. 

Dramatic and playful, "Potted Plant" takes on the form of a fiery Americana song tinged with latin passions. Taken off their forthcoming EP, which was recorded live at the Power Station, it bares all the energy of a live performance with the subtle nuances of a professional recording. The band shares that "in the early days of Bandits we’d use ['Potted Plant'] in the subways to announce our arrival and that we were intent on shaking things up. It’s held a place of honor in banditry as an off-kilter anthem to mischief and camaraderie." 

Emboldened by an eclectic array of instruments and unique vocals, Bandits on the Run's performances brush away all the cobwebs, sweep up the dust, and bring music back to life. Their recent submission to the annual Tiny Desk Contest earned them a spot on NPR's “​Top Shelf: 2019 Tiny Desk Contest Entries Our Judges Loved.” A spirited and emotional performance, it offers a glimpse into the band's infectious allure, which you can watch here

The Bandits' newest EP, Bandits Live at the Power Station,​ is set to be released on August 16

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