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Jillian Steele has "No Expectations" in her glowing new single  

New York-born, Nashville bred artist Jillian Steele releases shimmering new single "No Expectations". The indie-pop singer-songwriter shines bright in the delicately raw song, highlighting warm guitar melodies and honest vocals. The stripped back feel emits a sense of sincerity making this a heartfelt track that hits you right in the feels. 

The stunning track details how life's journey is written in the stars and what will be, will be. Co-written by Michel Heyaca and James Shelley (American Authors), 'No Expectations' was born after a turbulent period of ambiguity and acts as a reminder to others that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. In other words, Que Sera, Sera!
Drawing inspiration from other strong female figures such as Maggie Rogers, Sasha Sloan and Julia Michaels, the songstress hopes to deliver audiences with a message of pride and empowerment. Jillian Steele is a storyteller and a voice for those is need.  
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