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We are "Freaking Out" over this new alt-rock anthem of the summer by The Wrecks

Los Angeles band The Wrecks are set to dominate alt-rock/pop airwaves and playlists this summer with the release of their explosive new single "Feaking Out".

With a few similarities to Cake's "The Distance" in the intro and the exuberance of Grouplove's "Tongue Tied" in the chorus, "Freaking Out" is one of the most boisterous pop-punk style anthems I've heard in quite some time. The tongue-in-cheek lyrics add an inherent playfulness to the inescapably charming Pixies or Talking Heads style vocal delivery on the verse but that chorus is so intoxicatingly catchy. The Wrecks explode on the chorus with an upbeat rebellion to create an anthemic sound that radio hungry bands can only dream of writing. But this is done with such earnestness that it doesn't come off like an empty or purposeful radio hit. It's hummable, catchy, energetic but full of true punk rock vibrant guitar, percussion and synth work that makes it such an easy track to rock out to. This has all the ingredients to become the most played out song of the summer in the best way possible. It's perfect for any Sports venue, a TV promo, radio play, best of 2019 playlists, ringtone, airline safety videos, but just be prepared to hear it again, everywhere (if you're lucky).

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