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Meija delivers gentle and lighthearted single "Buttons"

Coming in softly on this Friday morning is a new indie project from singer-songwriter and producer Jamie Sierota aka Meija.  Having previously left his role as the principal songwriter of Echosmith, Jamie decided to take a little career turn and go back his roots which included writing songs and experimenting with production. "Buttons" his new single out today. is the byproduct of his well-spent time off.

The song is gentle and lighthearted from the get-go, effortlessly opening with retro-wave synths and hushed vocals. Unapologetic lyrics about the charm of young love grown old and our current political landscape, the single sits atop a bed of synth-tinged indie chords. "The lyric, 'I let you push all of my buttons' came to me pretty quick but at first I wasn't sure what it meant, but for some reason, it really connected with me," Sierota says of "Buttons." "Over the course a couple of weeks I kept working on the track. I kept being drawn to things that sounded 'small.' Toy pianos, shakers, an old 80's Casio keyboard made for kids. I would record the ideas at my studio in East LA and then keep coming back to it. There was always something playful about track and lyrics; something refreshing about it not taking itself too seriously. Eventually I had the idea of writing this sort of jaded love song. I've been in the same relationship for 8 years so was something that felt close to me."
"Buttons" comes alongside the announcement of a debut EP on the way, so be on the lookout for a string of new releases to follow. 
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