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The "Wait" is over, summer is here and so is Iris' new single

When we were first introduced to Iris earlier this year, we were struck by her vocal presence and honest charm. Her tribute to lyric-heavy pop ballads laced with romantic inflections has earned her "Crazy" debut a spot on a Netflix series, and even an acoustic release. Her follow-up single, "Wait", doesn't disappoint, officially ushering in the summer season with its infectious beat. 

Taking on a more moderate tempo, "Wait" proves that less truly is more. Built around a simple guitar melody, it fills in the spaces with a heart-beating percussion and of course- Iris' voice. Soft but with a touch of grit, it is a force that cannot be swiped, erased, or easily ignored. Delivering an irresistible hook draped in vocal harmonies, she transforms "Wait" from a simple melody to a summer playlist sensation. Despite its pop inclinations, however, "Wait" still manages to find meaning in something deeper and close to Iris' heart. "You can’t control when a relationship is over ... that you’re just supposed to turn your feelings off," she explains. "Love doesn’t work that way. Sometimes, the other person just doesn’t understand that it’s not so black and white - there’s a million shades of grey".  

Iris will be performing her first show at the Bootleg Theater in L.A on June 23rd, which you can get tickets for here

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