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In Love & WAR has given us all "Something To Believe" in

In Love & WAR is a musical project spearheaded by vocalist and songwriter Koi Anunta who piqued our interest with their latest single "Something To Believe"⁠— a love-laden song that blends dream pop with some alternative elements.

Armed with an angelic and soothing vocal, Anunta delivers a solid performance over the lush, mellow instrumental. She goes for a more uplifting vibe on the track as she dwells on a situation where someone comes into your life and gives you hope and more importantly self-belief. The self-produced song showcases Anunta's hands-on approach with her craft as she plays every single instrument you hear (with exception of drums which was done by Mike Diggs).

Koi Anunta is a Yale graduate and medical doctor who transitioned from medicine to pursue her love of music full-time in Los Angeles.

"Something To Believe"  is taken from In Love & WAR's debut EP 'Tessitura'.  A 6-track body of work that tackles topics ranging from love, identity and truth in a world filled with uncertainty and deceit. The project was produced by Anunta with Jake Faun and Ricky Berger contributing guitars and flute respectively.

Get it on Spotify below


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