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Emma Elisabeth releases folk-inspired single "Cavalry" from debut album 'Melancholic Milkshake'

Emma Elisabeth is one of those artists whose music can carry her listeners to a decade long past. Her new single "Cavalry", taken from her debut album Melancholic Milkshake, which drops today, is a spun quilt. It weaves threads of alternative, pop, folk, and old classic country. The Swedish artist has something very time-transcending about her. Her voice is seemingly in the 70's and 80's, while simultaneously applying modern pop traits in her tracks.

"Cavalry", however, is less pop-genre than Elisabeth's other tracks. It has a folk-inspired quality. She says it's "a song about longing, restlessness and daring to go for it. It's about giving in to what you feel, because you can't force someone out of your thoughts anyway." She belts out the lyrics "So send in the cavalry and point arms at me - it still won't stop me from thinking about you." There is such determination and spirit in just that one lyric. This spirit and creativity is seen throughout her music. Elisabeth utilizes country and folk-style instrumentals into this single, with a full band set up. The drums, strumming guitars, and as she quotes, "dearest 80's synthesizers", all work together to produce a truly heartfelt and honest single. I'm truly excited to hear what the remainder of her LP holds.

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