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Snoh Aalegra mesmerizes on “Find Someone Like You”

Snoh Aalegra’s voice is as unique as it gets; with a breathtakingly calm tone and strong aerobatic vocals that are hauntingly captivating. Aalegra is an Iranian-Swedish singer-songwriter whose voice has caught the ears of many including high praise from none other than Prince, who was also her mentor for two years before he passed.

Her latest release of “Someone Like You” starts off with a stripped back and simple piano production, and 30 seconds into the track, the drums start to hit and additional instrumentals  that compliment Aalegra’s voice masterfully.

Aalegra is reflecting on her current romance with rawness and authenticity, lyrically staying as relatable as she always is. In the chorus she belts “I’ve been waiting my whole life to find someone like you”. The repetition of that line is powerful as she continues to ask “Can we make this last forever?”  She’s sweet-sounding as she heavenly translates the beauty of being in-love when you’re with that person you love. It’s a song that’s reflective but celebratory of what love is and what love should be. 

Connect with Snoh Aalegra: Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud



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