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Mysie flies with the "Doves" on her latest release [Video]

The granddaughter of a renowned Ugandan jazz musician, music courses through Mysie's veins. Her art spans genres and her latest single "Doves" has her plucking threads from her Ugandan heritage to create a rich tapestry of compelling narratives weaved together by deeply personal experiences. This latest track and video relay the pain and intensity of romantic complications and the importance of finding harmony from intimate partners. 

Directed by Dottie Kay, the video draws inspiration from "Urban Riders" - a multifaceted work by artist and photographer Mohamed Bourouissa. The tracks' visuals span geographic and social spaces, the pairs elaborate costumes transcending economic and monetary restrictions. The elevated equestrian event plays out on screen, the video's protagonists each anointed with a jeweled cowboy hat as they traverse the rugged terrain.

"Doves is about lust” Mysie explains. “Wanting to leave but being drawn back by how amazing that person makes you feel. The highs being very high and the lows being really low. It's about doing what’s right for yourself".

Mysie and her lover are protected by a delicate canopy of red netting, the synthetic fibers melting into the natural landscape. Her voice is elegant and poised, soaring with the birds against the murky skyline - lost for just a moment in romantic bliss.

"Doves" is out now, alongside her debut EP Chapter 11

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