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Sloane rebuilds from heartache in “Old Hands New face”

Born out of heartbreak, Sloane crafts a poignant and stunning anthem of self-love. Entitled “Old Hands New Face” it features deep, emotive vocals atop striking electronic soundscapes.


"Old Hands New Face" is Sloane dealing with immense sorrow after a partner left him and in the depths of his despair some questions arose: who am I? what do I believe in? why the fuck am I even here? With piano keys and a worn out cello this latest single is a call to arms as he slowly begins to heal through the powerful music.

Sloane creates uplifting, motivational songs with the intent to help those that feel out of place to smile and feel connected. Using synths, samplers, guitars and voice pedals, Sloane best describes his music as a way to “cry while you smile.” Sloane’s hope is that everyone listening will smile more and share in that happiness together.

Connect with Sloane:  Instagram



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