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Prepare to "Really" fall in love with Mimi Bay's latest indie-pop single

With a sigh and a slow-jam, bedroom-pop singer Mimi Bay's new single "Really" is about being in love with someone who doesn't know you're there.

Gothenburg musician Mimi Bergman, a.k.a Mimi Bay, writes quiet pop songs. Though, as a vlogger, she's amassed YouTube followers with her confident confessionals. She continues this form of bold, honest expression through her musical output - which has been folk-driven and a 2017 EP of short ukulele songs. Interestingly, "Really" marks a compelling change of sound. Venturing deep into dream-pop realms, Mimi has found a sweet spot between her online persona and her inward songwriting.

Breathy and atmospheric, "Really" looks at unrequited love from a digital angle. The 18-year-old songwriter says the track "is about romanticizing people you see online and spending time thinking of them while they don’t know you exist”. While we spend our YouTube hours grudgingly waiting for the 'skip ad' button, "Really" feels refreshingly patient. It shimmers with a Tame Impala style pace that invites us to slow down and enjoy our hazy days instead, with Mimi Bay.

Connect with Mimi Bay: Instagram | YouTube | Soundcloud | Spotify

Photo credit: Vera Jörgensen

Dreampop · Indie


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