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L Con is a "Winner" in all the right ways [Video]

If you take the time to read Lisa Conway's bio description, you will eventually get lost in the sea of achievements. Thought to be one of Canada's best kept secrets, her solo project L Con has brought along its own list of accomplishments and new creative challenges. Her newest single,"Winner", addresses her thoughts as a solo artist, accompanied by an irresistibly charming video. 

"'Winner' is a song about earnestness, about hubris, about restlessness, about recognizing patterns, about acceptance", she shares. Mirroring this whirlwind of emotions, the track's production weaves along a throbbing bass-line, layering in longing chords and punchy synths. The verses are riddled with self doubt and a search for meaning, but when they get to the hook, Conway silences her thoughts, interpolating euphoric strings instead in a swelling climax. The second half of the track slowly unfurls to tell a different story, with Conway's tender vocals repeating "I'm exactly where I want to be". Somehow, the jittery arrangements blend together in perfect harmony, showing that within the chaos of her mind, there is beautiful order. 

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