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The Slice, Episode 32 [Urban Feature]

There are some of us dedicated to rummaging the inner regions of the web in search of that good alternative urban music and serving it directly to music lovers.  This initiative is what we call "The Slice" at EARMILK. Every fortnight we share with you 10 or more ear-grabbing songs from genres ranging from hip-hop, grime, soul, afrobeat/pop and dancehall. So let us do the digging for you while you sit back, relax to some brilliantly crafted music from around the globe.

If you dig what you hear, you can revisit our previous episodes of "The Slice" here.

Skengdo x AM x Drillminister - "Political Drills (The Media)".

Russian artist Andrei Molodkin teams up with UK Drill musicians Skengdo, Am, and Drillminister for the politically charged "‘Political Drills (The Media)". The music video depicts the trio giving blood (literally and figuratively) to Molodkin’s art installation at BPS22 Museum, Belgium. Sculptures crafted by Molodkin allow the rappers to give blood to their lyrics, accentuating the message being conveyed. They also speak loudly on racial profiling and authoritarian methods of repressing Drill music. This provocative message aims to embolden young people in pursuit of their artistic endeavors, urging them to give everything, including their blood, to their art, rather than getting caught up in the traps of serious youth violence. The song comes with a limited edition vinyl to accompany Andrei’s exhibition "Young Blood" which has been on at London's Saatchi Gallery this month. Read about the launch event at the Saatchi Gallery here


 DefByMisadventure - "n0maliz0"

Experimental hip-hop producer who goes by the pseudonym DefByMisadventure piqued our interest with his newest material titled "Nomalizo". The track is pretty vibrant and sounds like a blend between afro-house and funk with some minor electronic vibes.


Badpos - "Smooth"

Rapper/producer Badpos shows us his vulnerable side on his new song "Smooth". The self-produced song details the ups and downs of falling in love and everything that comes with it. "Smooth" is taken from his upcoming project entitled The Badpos Crescendo, a collection of songs that blend mellow instrumentals with heartfelt lyrics and emotional vocal styles.


Nic Hanson - "Network"

Multi-talented act Nic Hanson gets full hands-on with his new single titled "Network". The self-produced song showcases the two most important facets of Hanson's creativity - singing and songwriting. His vocal style is reminiscent of neo-soul legends like Maxwell and D'Angelo, but he owns it with his unique twang. The song in question talks about the customs of networking in this era, especially the shallow connections artists make in social settings which value self-service over genuine collaboration. "Network". is part of his newest body of work entitled Invisible Cities I.


Wyatt James - "Heavens"

Rapper/producer Wyatt James makes his way back o his list with another heartrending track titled "Heavens". The solemn track sees the rapper dwell on life and all the struggles that come with it, and more importantly to enjoy the ride and make the best out of everything.


Ceschi ft. Sammus - "Middle Earth"

Ceschi and Sammus team up for this reflective collabo titled "Middle Earth". Over a minimalistic guitar line, Ceschi bares his emotions without holding back, while Sammus opens up about growing up as a middle child in a very gripping manner. The visual is directed by Jed Rosenberg, who opts for a retro/VHS aesthetic reminiscent of 90's MTV videos. "Middle Earth" is taken from Ceschi's newest project Sad, Fat Luck. Order it here.


Curtacy - "Got Em"

Rapper/producer Curtacy debuts on The Slice with a heartfelt track titled "Got Em". The love-laden track shows Curtacy in his feels, sharing his emotions without pulling punches over a rich, engulfing trap-infused backdrop. Curtacy started making beats at 13 and writing less than a year later, and was published by 15. Although born in South Asia (he is of Afghan, Iranian, Indian and Pakistani descent), he was raised in Toronto before moving to Los Angeles.


Kosha Dillz - "Logic Became Me"

Kosha Dillz shares a very intriguing story of how he became an ISIS soldier in his new song "Logic Became Me". It sounds pretty unbelievable, but don't get carried away as it's about Dillz being contacted to be an extra in the video of the thought-provoking "ISIS" record by Joyner Lucas. Dillz spills the tea on how he got the job (for free too) and all the little details along the way to the shoot. The track was produced by his longtime collaborator Sam Barsh. On another note, Dillz' website was actually hacked by ISIS some 4 years ago. Get it on Spotify.


J1S - "Dogg Pound"

Chi town representative J1S deliver a tribute to the natural herbs on his new song "Dogg Pound". While the title may allude to the veteran west coast rap duo, J1S' main focus is on the trees that get him fired up and ready to face the day. He marks it with detailed lyrics and a smooth delivery over a laid back beat that is relaxing enough to inspire you to roll one up."Dogg Pound" is from J1S' latest EP Gipetto. Get it on Spotify.


Blacksmith - "Peace"

UK(Bristol to be precise) lyricist Blacksmith comes with the universal message of "Peace" on his new self-produced single/video. This is a follow up to his previously released singles "Represent" with Leaf Dog and "Through The Melody" with Deli Rowe. Backed by an anthemic soundscape, Blacksmith conveys a soulful summer message of peace and also brought in some heavyweights from the U.K. and America to help make the message louder than ever. Features on the track include members from two of the most iconic Hip Hop groups to come out of Los Angeles: Rakaa of Dilated Peoples and Marc 7 of Jurassic 5 - their first time together on a record. He’s also brought in Knytro and Bristol's AFT Records head honcho Carasel. The video was shot across Bristol and Los Angeles and has each artist representing what peace means to them, whether that’s politics and protests on home soil, or gang warfare and injustices across the pond: a real message of peace and unity is delivered throughout.


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