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Plastic Picnic return with soaring synth-rock single "After You"

"After You" by Brooklyn-based Plastic Picnic marks a considerable change for the band both sonically and lyrically from their earlier self-titled debut EP. The song incorporates a dreamy synth-pop alongside a warm guitar that leads the entire song. The combination of catchy beats, soaring synths, and mature lyricism make "After You" a stunning return for Plastic Picnic. 

"'After You' alternates between hope and crippling fear of change" says the band. "It's a song about seeing the road you're on while also looking out at the paths or exits spread before you. It embraces the exhilaration of leaning into the unknown and asking yourself if you should take that leap."

This worry and excitement is easily heard in the angelic synths that soar throughout the song with each chord promising a new unknown. The crippling fear is perfectly represented within the pre-chorus when everything goes quiet except for the synth and singer Panerio breezy vocals. "Do you think it's time for us to go? Start a different life, one where we could grow" sings Panerio, the hesitation to his voice emphasizing this moment of frailty. 

Plastic Picnic will be releasing their EP Vistalite on July 19th

Contact Plastic Picnic: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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