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GoldLink takes his sound around the world on 'Diaspora'

Though some may simplify the artist as a DC-based rapper, GoldLink's sounds are not something that can be held by geographical borders. His busy and somewhat jittery vocals have become a staple for summer anthems. Not only that, but it seems he can surf over rocks and climb waves when it comes to flowing his voice over production.

Diaspora is Link's most ambitious effort to date; taking his sounds from smooth r&b to a Zulu house party—and it makes lots of stops between these destinations.

Diaspora is defined as the dispersion of Jews from Israel. In this album, GoldLink uses the platform to introduce the sounds of the world he's encountered through his travels. He captures many of these sounds with a twist of Africana vibes—sometimes this twist is through subtle vocal inflections, and at other times the sound has been marinated in the culture.

The heat this thing brings to the table is sure enough to warm up any cold, wet spring weather you've been having. The summer anthem "Zulu Screams" literally sweats with energy and good times. Looking to slow things down after a long, tired day? No worries, "U Say" has GoldLink, Tyler, The Creator and Jay Price caressing the production warm, silky production with their carefully-placed words.

The album gives every listener to a space to find their mood. And that's what Diaspora is all about—being inclusive.

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