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Up and coming duo Forester light it up with "Kerosene"

David Parris and Xander Carlson are here to show us that they aren’t just a couple of city slickers from LA. They’ve come together to form Forester, a project where chaotic city life and nature’s serenity intersect. Yesterday, they released their second track titled “Kerosene” via Lowly.

“Kerosene” is an electronic/indie number that has a really light feel to it thanks to Madeline’s soft, serene vocals and lush instrumentation. Opening with warm chord textures, the track feels like it’s preparing you for ascension. In the song, kerosene is presented as a metaphor for burning the past to renew the self.

What makes Forester so special is their story. The pair began working together at the ripe age of 16 after meeting at a high school party. They’d grown tired of the overly-manicured urban lifestyle they grew up in and sought an escape. They began connecting with places like the Sierra Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Here they found solace, their sound, and themselves. Forester’s music is the intersection of those two worlds. They use synthetically produced sounds—a metaphor for nature—and organically derived elements—that represent nature—to create a unique sound filled with emotion and meaning.

Forester have managed to make something really special in a sea of electronic music. They are definitely ones to watch.

The duo are expected to release a full album later this year.

Want more Forester? Check out their mixes below:

Lowly is an independent media and fashion company founded in 2016 and based in NYC that strives to bring light to undiscovered creatives while creating a home for arts, culture, and fashion.

Connect with Forester: Spotify | SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Downtempo · Electronic · Indie


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