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Listen to a different side of Gaby G in “Acting Different”

Gaby G’s latest masterpiece is an up-tempo, genre-bending record that fuses a hip-hop sounds with her signature alternative R&B rhythm. “Acting Different” is a record about her evolving into a flashy new persona and leaving behind anyone who gets in the way of her success. The Los Angeles based singer is unapologetic, and eager to express a different side of herself through the Kaixen produced single. 

Gaby G describes "Acting Different" as a “flex song” saying, “It sounds like it’s about someone else acting different towards me but actually the one acting up. I’m looking into the mirror at the person I am and manifesting the person I want to be. I want to be rich, I want to drive a range, and I want a huge house with a view. I’m having fun on this record being cocky and not giving a fuck.” 

The Miami-bred singer has been on a roll since the release of her debut EP (Polarized) in 2016. Since then, she has attracted loyal listeners with tracks like: “Closer”, “Numb”, “Say My Name”, and “City on Fire”.  

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