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American Authors share a personal and heartwarming journey in “Before I Go” [Video]

A band most recognized for their highly successful hit “Best Day of My Life” American Authors are back, striking the chord of every listener’s heartstrings with their latest video. Entitled “Before I Go”, the stunning track highlights delicately strummed guitar and tender, raspy vocals. The viewer is filled with a deep sense of warmth not only sonically, but also visually. Illustrating a genuine love story ignited in passion, the footage depicts drummer Matt Sanchez's wedding last October. With Matt and the band sharing laughs and celebrating a special moment in time, it connects fans even more deeply to American Authors and their personal story.

The single is off their critically acclaimed album Seasons. The record thematically impacts and inspires growth through each cycle of change, transforming those cycles into genre-fusing anthems. Spirited rock with a dash of pop and rhythmic hip-hop flavor, they feature a uniquely airtight songcraft all their own.

The Brooklyn-based four-piece, Zac Barnett [vocals], James Adam Shelley [guitar, banjo], Dave Rublin [bass] and Matt Sanchez [drums], are consistently pushing the boundaries of sound and have evolved yet again with this latest album.

Taking a breather from bustling city life, they retreated to a scenic mountainside in Tennessee overlooking nature. It was the experience of everything from winter snow to summer sun that ultimately bloomed Seasons . The album has since garnered close to 30 million streams on Spotify alone showcasing their purest and most powerful work to date.

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