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Jean Dawson releases new EP "BAD SPORTS"

Perhaps sitting on the edge of multiple worlds is the best way to describe Jean Dawson's independent debut BAD SPORTS

In fact, raised between the borderlines of Southern California and Mexico, Dawson’s upbringing found him tied between two tongues, and cultures. Opening up space for new conversation above all. The young artist flourished, with Dawson crafting his distinctly unique sound on fertile soil as a result. Maybe this is why Dawson's BAD SPORTS sees the twenty-two year old singer-songwriter pull from all corners of the musical spectrum. Whilst exuding elements of many genres make it difficult to define, the result is a wonderfully innovative collection of tracks, leaving an impression long after the EP comes to a close. 

The release comes joint with Terrible Records. Listen to BAD SPORTS above.

Connect with Jean Dawson: Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | Instagram



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