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offrami delivers an entrancing hip-hop melody in latest track “Kumbaye” featuring Rotex

Tapping into the transcontinental nature of contemporary music, LA-based artist offrami is the hip-hop producer bringing Middle Eastern culture to life.

Born and raised in Lebanon and a curious explorer of the world, offrami just released “Kumbaye” a mellow and tropical joint featuring rapper Rotex. An easy listen with dancehall vibes and hip-hop aromas, “Kumbaye” is a feel-good triumph that stands the test of time. Independently released, offrami proves that good music always prevails over the rigid business standards often seen in the music industry.

Stitched together with a colorful flow and invigorating energy, “Kumbaye” is not one to miss.  Playful mallets bounce throughout the track while percussion dances along Rotex's vocals to keep you engaged from beginning to end. Be sure to watch what's coming next from the wanderlust producer.

Connect with offrami: Soundcloud | Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

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Dancehall · Hip-Hop


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