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boerd captivates listeners with exquisite debut EP ‘Misplaced I’ via Anjunadeep

Following the unveiling of his introspective single ‘It Fades Away’ earlier this month, Swedish producer Bård Ericson (aka boerd) returns to Anjunadeep with his new EP, Misplaced I.

Calling on influences that range from Bibio, Burial and Aphex Twin, his latest release will expand on enigmatic single ‘It Fades Away’ with three new inimitable cuts in ‘Someone’, ‘Gem’ and ‘Little Else’. Whether it is the haunting atmosphere of ‘Someone’ or the euphoric Bonobo-esqueprogression of ‘Gem’, boerd’s unique production process imbues each track with an ethereal tone, culminating in a captivating release that simply demands to be heard.

"When people ask me what genre of music I create, I don't really have a good answer. 'Misplaced I' is probably a good example of this - the 4 tracks of the EP are certainly different in many ways. The connection between them lies more in the atmosphere, sounds and mood of the songs, rather than BPM or a certain type of beat. I've always had this approach to making music, and I think it shows even more in this EP. It's what I love about electronic music that is not intended for a dance floor - there are so many different directions to explore. I believe I ended up in some new places with these few songs and I aim to do the same thing with 'Misplaced II' that is coming later this year". -- boerd.

Ericson is a regular member of the Royal Swedish Opera, Swedish Radio Symphony, and Stockholm Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. He has played for ensembles around the world, including Andrea Bocelli’s touring orchestra, and the Phillip Glass opera ‘Satyagraha’ in Tokyo, Stockholm, and New York. His deep immersion in the classical world and expert musical knowledge is masterfully exhibited in boerd’s otherworldly sound.

boerd's ‘Misplaced I’ is available today through Anjunadeep, wherever you listen to music.


Connect with boerd: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud | Instagram


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