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Tove Lo strikes gold with "Glad He's Gone"

Stockholm pop superstar Tove Lo has always had an incredible way of creating glittering pop tracks. And her latest release "Glad He's Gone" is no different. 

Featuring an underlying acoustic guitar, Tove Lo's witty, empowering call and response lyrics tap into the importance and security of female friendship. A more stripped-back song than we're used to from the singer; "Glad He's Gone" is a new venture highlighting Tove Lo's growth of self-acceptance and happiness. 

"It’s about friendship and love,” Tove Lo explains. “It’s the obligatory pep-talk you give your girlfriend when she’s going through a breakup. You’re reminding her she’s your partner-in-crime and showing unconditional support. It makes fun of the demands of being a good girlfriend and the dirty stuff you do just to make him confident. There’s a message to it. I’m telling a real story that I think girls need to hear. You want to know your friends are there for you during a breakup. It’s about all the fun you can have after heartbreak."

Perhaps more radio friendly than her previous releases, Tove Lo never fails to construct the most empowering pop anthems. Songs for a generation of headstrong females, discovering and expressing what it means to be a millennial/Gen Z woman. She's an inspiring artist to say the least.

Tove Lo's forthcoming fourth album Sunshine Kitty is released later this year.

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