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Maude Latour enters the pop scene running with captivating new track "Plans"

There’s been an influx of artists under the umbrella of “bedroom-pop”, a sub-genre which largely includes DIY projects and garnering worldwide attention through online streaming. This is where New York-based Maude Latour began. Now, she is working towards an EP release and her second single “Plans” hints at how her music is developing from self-produced to stage ready pop star. 

Spending a childhood emerged in a variety of cultures to dedicating her studying at Columbia to politics and philosophy - Latour has a plethora of experiences to write about. “Plans” blends familiar pop styles with vocal lilts, muted instrumentals, and a unique lyrical perspective. It's Maude’s take on love, heard in her words “cancel all my plans to be alone with you”.

She's come a long way from uploading her first tracks on Spotify as a high school senior's final project and this latest track is an early indicator that there's much to expect from this artist. Keep Latour on your radar with the social links provided below.

Connect with Maude Latour: Instagram | Spotify | Website

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